PIME'S Partners

The PIME'S project includes 14 partners in four different countries. There are three different communities participating in the project. Situated in Spain, Hungary and Norway. The Spanish partner is Vitoria-Gasteiz in Basque County. In Hungary the project will take part in Szentendre, In Norway the building area is situated in Sandnes.

Rogaland County Council

Contributing in:

Lead partner in the PIME’S Concerto project.

Rogaland County Council is responsible for over all progress, reporting and administration of the project. Rogaland County owns the area of the Dale project in Sandnes.

Rogaland is one of 19 counties in Norway, situated on the south west coastline. Sandnes, the Concerto town, is the second largest town in the county. The administration is placed in Stavanger. The political organisation consists of the County Council’s 47 elected representatives, a fifteen member Executive Board and three committees, covering the main areas of responsibility. The council and executive board are headed by the County Major.

The counties in Norway are responsible for regional planning, regional roads, culture, upper secondary education and training and public dental care.

Facts on Rogaland County:
Inhabitants: 418 842, 8.7 % of national population
Area: 9 325 square km, 2.9 % of Norway’s area
26 municipalities, Stavanger is the largest town with a population of 120 000
Main industry: oil, energy, agriculture and fishery
Budget 2010: 5 966 million NOK (746 million €)

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Rogaland County Council
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Iver Jan Leren
Mobile number:
+47 9482 0001