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The PIME'S project includes 14 partners in four different countries. There are three different communities participating in the project. Situated in Spain, Hungary and Norway. The Spanish partner is Vitoria-Gasteiz in Basque County. In Hungary the project will take part in Szentendre, In Norway the building area is situated in Sandnes.


Contributing in:

R&D provider for the three Communities in the PIME’S Concerto project

Tecnalia Research & Innovation is responsible for the Integration of the three Communities through the common energy manager and microgrid approach.

Tecnalia Research & Innovation is a private applied research & technology organisation centre born out in 2010 of the merger between 8 companies, incorporating the experience career and strengths of organizations with a broad, extensive curriculum. It is now the largest private Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) group in Spain and one of the leading ones in Europe, with a staff of 1,500 people and a turnover of 122 million euros. It is also a Member of TECNALIA technology corporation.

Tecnalia's operating business model is based on 16 Business Units, made up of multi-disciplinary teams which optimize our offer to different strategic sectors. This enables us to achieve a more all-round, more specialised and excellent proposal for the business base and for the administrations.

In particular, Tecnalia’s Energy business unit specialises in the development of products, technologies and technological services for the different actors of the energy sector value chain, covering the following areas: Bioenergy, Smart Grids, Solar Energy, Storage, Marine Energy and Materials for Energy.

Tecnalia's Energy Unit is oriented towards rational and sustainable use of energy resources, focusing on clean generation sources and future energy carriers. Value creation is increasingly based on knowledge, ideas, creativity and innovation and it has participated in numerous activities sponsored by the European Commission: 22 projects in FP6, returning more than 5 M€, and 7 projects in FP7. In terms of electrical collaborative networks, Tecnalia's Energy Unit is Europe’s leading player in EU projects, working with over 100 different partners across Europe. It also actively participates in European Technology Platforms: Smart Grid, Fuel cell and hydrogen.

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